**All orders placed 6/13 - 6/16 will ship 6/17/24**
**All orders placed 6/13 - 6/16 will ship 6/17/24**
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Embrace the Cozy Season with our Fall/Winter Collection: Handcrafted Locally in Arizona, Featuring Double Sided Cozy scARFs, Matching Matte Scrunchies, Cozy Scrunchies, and Matte Headbands!

Welcome the cozy season with open arms as we introduce our exclusive Fall/Winter Collection. Crafted with love right here in Arizona, these essential accessories are designed to envelop you in comfort and style throughout the fall and winter.

Dive into the latest trends with our range of double sided cozy scARFs (super soft bandanas for dogs), matching matte scrunchies, cozy scrunchies, and matte headbands, perfect for twinning with your furry friend.

Every piece of our cozy scARF is made with care and attention to detail, providing your pet with a comfortable and stylish accessory. Choose from a variety of captivating prints, including the enchanting Misty Mountain Watercolor Trees and the soothing Blue, Grey, and Cream Plaid design. These scARFs add a touch of seasonal charm to your pet's look and are built to last with their double-layered construction.

Complete your fall and winter ensemble with our matching matte scrunchies and matte headbands, crafted from soft brushed fabric that offers a slightly matte appearance. These accessories not only keep your hair secure but also add an understated chicness to your look. Whether you're sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace or taking a scenic winter stroll, our scrunchies and headbands are the perfect addition.

Handcrafted with love, our Fall/Winter Collection blends style, comfort, and functionality to keep you and your furry companion cozy all season long. Embrace the chilly days and create unforgettable memories as you twin in matching seasonal wear. Shop now and be ready to embrace the cozy season with Pipevine Designs!

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We can't wait to see you and your pet rocking our newest collection!